Honey Production

Historically central Louisiana was known for rapid spring build-up of honeybee colonies due mostly to early pollen flows coupled  with intermittent nectar flows from plant sources such as privet and willow.

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In 2005 EHC through it’s sister company  Merrimack Valley Apiaries, Inc., began to produce and sell large quantities of NUCS for sale to sideline and hobby beekeepers in the northeast.

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The Varroa Sensitive Hygiene trait in honeybees was developed almost coincidently by John Harbo and Jeffrey Harris of the USDA-ARS lab in Baton Rouge, LA, and Dr. Marla Spivak at the University of Minnesota.

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Since 1993

Evergreen Honey Company

Evergreen Honey Co. Inc. is a family owned  24,000 Hive honeybee farm based in central Louisiana. Our goal is to grow nucleus hives for our own honey honey production and pollination needs as well as for sale "nucs" to beekeepers around the country. We also provide the winter locations and care our 8,000 colony sister farm, Merrimack Valley Apiaries Inc. of Billerica MA and Otto NY.
We grow our for sale nucs as we grow our own, because for us they are interchangeable.  The breeder stock we utilized and produce is among the best available in the U.S. today

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