Nucs at EHC

In 2005, Evergreen Honey Company, (through it’s sister company  Merrimack Valley Apiaries, Inc.) began to produce and sell large quantities of NUCS for sale to sideline and hobby beekeepers in the northeast. Having experience in buying and installing large numbers of package bees, we knew about the limitations of package bees and were aware critical timing events associated with shaking packages and baby nuc set up for bred queen production.

The growing demand for package bees was evidenced by delivery times which stretched into mid and late June in many areas. Creating nucs is a natural extension of of raising bees for honey production or pollination. Our goal from the beginning was to produce a high quality product. We produce our nucs in wooden boxes with a full sized hive entrance so we maximize  bee population without danger of overheating. We use a feeding system similar to what we use on our full sized hive, so each nuc receives the same amount of feed. We also provide our customers with the same VSH/OHIO QUEEN BREEDER stock that we use to produce over 50,000 queens for honey production and pollination each year.

For 2019 we expect to over 10,000 for sale nucs available making us one of the largest for sale nuc providers in the nation. New for 2019 is the 6 frame nuc, which offers the potential for splitting under certain conditions. It also offers a faster growth curve than 5 framers after installation resulting in more honey production and stronger pollination hives!

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